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︎ product designer @ supermove

Revamping inventory capture for efficient sales and estimates

How might we empower salespeople to provide accurate estimates and quickly close sales?

In the moving industry, accurate estimating and surveying are crucial elements of the sales process, enabling companies to provide precise quotes, secure deals with clients, and effectively manage inventory throughout the entire move. Supermove is an all-in-one software designed to streamline various aspects of moving companies' operations, including those of their sales teams.

However, despite the success of the Estimator app with small residential customers, challenges arose as larger clients were onboarded. Recognizing the need for major improvements, the team shifted focus to meet the diverse needs of all customers. This case study is a preview on the actual tool used for surveying and estimating. As of right now (Feb 2024), I am actively working on improvements to this tool, so get in touch for the full case study. ︎

︎ You can see the case study on inventory libraries here!

Product Manager
→ Product Designer
2 Engineers
2023, 4 weeks
This case study covers one of two parts of this initiative.
UX Research
Product Scoping
Usability Testing

︎ The Key Solutions

For mom-and-pop shops or big city movers


Enhanced Surveying

Users can now benefit from quick and easy in-line editing, eliminating the need to constantly tap to increase quantities or open pop-ups to write notes. Plus, all rooms are now displayed on one page, so users can stop getting lost between tabs and focus on capturing inventory. And with the ability to search and filter categories, endless scrolling is a thing of the past.

Device Compatibility

Our Estimator app used to be exclusive to Androids, but now the party is open to everyone. Our web-based office app is now compatible with all devices, whether it be a 45-inch monitor or an iPad Air. No more app-switching and awkward shuffling just to create estimates and survey items.

︎ The Results

"I've never seen this customer so happy before!"

With all the hard work that the team put in, here are some metrics that we're proud of:

  • An 88% increase of surveys conducted on our platform per month within a month of launch
  • Since the launch of this tool in March of 2023, there are over 3000 surveys conducted per month
  • Helped deploy our largest customer yet, a company with a whopping $200K AR
  • Reduced the risk of customer churn, because we’re not just about acquiring new customers—we’re also dedicated to keeping our existing customers happy

*For confidentiality reasons, I left out some actual values for these metrics.

︎ Reflections and Learnings

Surveying my thoughts

Thanks to the detailed customer requests we received over the years, I had a great starting point for research. However, this also posed a risk for scope creep. Since I had a hand in scoping the product, returning to our wonderful users who graciously carve time out of their days to give me feedback kept me grounded. This helped us avoid unnecessary deviations from the plan and ensure a successful outcome.

Working on this project was a fantastic experience, and I couldn’t have done it without the collaboration and support of my team. Looking back, I’m proud of what we achieved, and I wouldn’t have done much differently. Looking forward, I’m excited to make this more mobile-friendly to salespeople who are surveying on the go.